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Auditing Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Internal Audit to Texas Quality Assurance

QMS Internal Auditing

The practice of outsourcing some or all of the internal audit function to an independent third-party firm affords an organization numerous benefits over maintaining an employee-only internal audit function. Examples of these benefits include:

  • Objectivity
  • Knowledge & Validation
  • Result Accuracy
  • Lower Business Impact
  • Lower Employment Costs

Texas Quality Assurance is ready to assist with your internal audits to measure its strengths and weakness against your own procedures or methods and/or against external standards adopted by (voluntary) or imposed on (mandatory) the organization.

In addition, we conduct 3rd party supplier surveillance audits and inspection services to a variety of companies across the oil and gas sector.

Regardless of the size, complexity or location of your organization you’re required to be compliance to one or more management system.   One thing every management system has in common is the need for an internal audit.  According to ISO 9001, your internal audit should at a minimum evaluate:

  1. Conformity of products and services
  2. The degree of customer satisfaction
  3. The performance and effectiveness of the quality management system
  4. If planning has been implemented effectively
  5. The effectiveness of actions taken to address risks and opportunities
  6. The performance of external providers
  7. The need for improvements to the quality management system

Plan Do Check Act

Process Based Internal Audits

Most standards have a requirement for a “process based audit”, part of the tried and true plan do check act process.  The easiest way to approach an audit is through a process audit. Checklists have their time and place, but when auditing against a process you are better able to identify required inputs, compared to outputs that are checked against pre-defined measures and objectives.


We provide Internal Audits for various standards including:

  • ISO 9001
  • API Specification Q1
  • API Specification Q2
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 27001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 45001 in is in development

Our internal auditing services include a variety of methodologies including:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Internal Audits
  • Process Audits
  • Supplier Audits