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Competence and Training | ISO 9001 | OSHA | ISO 14001

Competence and Training

In general, the standard states that “Personnel……shall be competent…”, which is a bit of simple, isn’t it?  Perhaps not.  You must ensure everyone has been trained according to a pre-defined matrix of sorts, evaluate competence, and then ensure everyone has been trained according to the plan you set forth.  Very similar to the well known plan, do, check, act.  Create a training plan, execute the training plan, check for gaps, and act on those gaps.

Not terribly difficult. Just work out what you need, see what you have, and then fill in the gaps. Check to see if it is working, and keep records to show you do it.

Often times the most difficult part is finding your gaps in your training program.  Perhaps your training manager was sick for orientation and 3 new employees were missed.  The traditional method requires cross checking each employee against a matrix to determine who has or hasn’t had a particular training.  This process can take hours upon hours to complete with the possibility of human error at each step in the process.

TQA cloud for ISO 9001 | OSHA | ISO 14001

The founders of Texas Quality Assurance knew there had to be a better way.  Now, there is!  It’s our one of a kind software solution, TQA cloud.  TQA cloud allows you to identify gaps in your training processes quickly and easily, in as little as 2 clicks of the mouse.  Nothing could be more simple to audit your competence and training program.

Our competence and training module allows Quality/Health-Safety/Training managers to store all training materials, training matrix and training records in one place.  But before that we’ve developed the “Required Training Report” a report all businesses need, but often spend far too much time developing.  Updated daily, we take the hard work out of the process.  Any training type and any international standard can utilize TQA cloud, whether it is for OSHA compliance, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, API, etc…

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