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Excellence in Leadership Through OH&S

To maintain a world class QHSE system, the foundation is Excellence in Leadership in Occupational Health and Safety. I cannot over emphasize how vital this is to the entire Quality Management Program.  I think it’s important to define a few terms.

Excellence: having extremely good quality in __________
Quality: stating your objectives and consistently following through to achieve them
Leadership: the decision to act in such a way as to encourage, inspire or motivate others to follow your direction  (see our blog post on Culture here)
Occupational Health and Safety: the goals of occupational safety and health programs included to foster a safe and healthy work environment.
What does that mean for you to achieve Excellence in Leadership through Health and Safety?

The Dream of any OH&S Manager

Create and sustain a workplace where everyone is able to work hard and work productively.  And, return home as healthy as when they came to work.

Production Safety Cycle

We have to recognize that production and Occupational Health and Safety occur in a cyclical nature. There is always a balance to be had between production and safety. This balance must be recognized, understood, and acted upon.

Accountable Leadership

Our leadership teams MUST be engaged as department leaders and not supervisors or engineers. This sounds trivial and cliche, but when executed the results are truly astounding.

What does accountability look like?
First and foremost, it means that you accept responsibility for the outcomes expected of you—both good and bad. You don’t blame others. You don’t blame the external environment. There are always things you could have done—or still can do—to change the outcome.


My challenge to you

Drive the much needed sense of leadership to create a culture of Excellence around Occupational Health and Safety. When your leadership team values themselves as leaders guarding the health and safety of their employees, so much more will follow and continue to improve.

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