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Here at Texas Quality Assurance, we know a thing or two about the pain, frustration and long hours you have to work to maintain your QMS.  We used to work them too, it takes a toll on you, your job and your family.  Why is it that our Quality programs are often the ones most in need of “Continual Improvement”?  We know the value of a good QMS software.  TQA Cloud is the simple easy to use QMS that can be adapted to fit any business, any standard ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, API Q!/Q2, IATF 16949 and ASME, just to name a few.  Don’t waste time on endless spreadsheets, network file shares, and binder upon binder.

The truth is, as with all great innovations, we developed a QMS Software suite, TQA Cloud, for ourselves.  It didn’t take long till others wanted their own install.  So we installed our QMS Software.  And installed it some more.  Once we were ready to market to the masses of tired, overworked managers, we wanted to include a few requirements in each install, cause EVERYONE needs a good QMS Software.

Below are some key problems we solve.  Feel free to check out the videos at the end of the page as well.  Looking to test drive our software?  Contact us here.

Content Management – Compliant to ISO 9001 and much more

We are all too familiar with the Windows File Explorer. File names that stretch across the screen, endless clicking and digging to locate files, minimal file protection, and organizational structure that can be tampered with too easily. We have an extensive background in IT as well as Quality, Health-Safety, and Environmental Management, so we maximized on those skills to solve these daily problems.  We are very proud of our cloud based QMS software, which operates on the secure, easy to use and common Microsoft Office 365 platform. Our software displays and manipulates files into a customizable, smart format. Simply put, our quality management software opens the door to efficient document management. No more room full of 3 inch binders or endless searching of your desktop for, “that one file”.The most difficult part for a company trying to improve its quality management is keeping track of training records, production documents, and internal projects. Every company wants to have more business and healthy relationships with their customers. The truth is that keeping track of all the documentation gets in the way and is a bottle-neck to efficiency. With the TQA Cloud quality management software we have created a platform to display all the relevant information together and provide easy interface to navigate to any specific file. Store all training records on the same master list, then separate them by department, training type, or expiration date with the click of a button.  Our goal is that you are never more than FOUR simple clicks away from the document you need.

Easy Integration of your QMS Software

CloudQMSTQA Cloud QMS Software integrates all aspects of your QMS into a simple, easy to use dashboard.  When we talk about simplicity, our aim is to put your entire Quality Management System within just four clicks.  We develop each instance of TQA Cloud custom for you and your business.  In doing so we analyze the requirements for the standards you are compliant to, industry requirements, your process for achieving conformance, documented information and competence and training.  The end result is an easy to use, easy to navigate, powerful tool to track and run your QMS.  If you’re running on a integrated management system, for instance ISO 9001 and ISO 45001, that is not an issue.  We have mapped out the parallel processes and identified methods to track conformance between them all in a cloud based solution.  For instance, Corrective Actions are utilized between ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, each with its own unique needs.  This is not a problem, with a single click of the mouse you can select the desired form of Corrective Action to be made available, without having to keep track of separate forms, lists, network file shares, and Excel spreadsheets.

Protect Your Data.TQA Cloud QMS Software also solves the problem of data protection. TQA Cloud platform limits access to sensitive files according to customized hierarchy of groups. For example, allow every employee “read only” access to files relevant to department so they can retrieve necessary information. Give “creation” privileges to department managers who may wish to create a Non-Conformance Report or add inspection documents to a job file, while protecting current files from accidental deletion. Furthermore, our team is able to create new data rules and exclusions to ensure your data remains out of reach to outsiders. With a couple of clicks you can review every change to a document and who changed it.

Quick and Seamless Utilization.  Any software is only effective if it can be used quickly and seamlessly on the job. The mobile/tablet compatibility of TQA Cloud QMS Software provides this necessary flexibility. Easily upload photographs, and create Non-Conformance Reports in the field or in the shop with the convenience of technology you already own and already have in your pocket. Updates or new information gathered away from the office is instantly synced, hassle free.