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Understanding the Standard #QualityMatters

#QualityMatters presents
Understanding the Standard

ISO 9001:2015

Part 1
Understanding the Standard (Intro)

We talk about how simple this can be made.
#QualityMatters Podcast Episode 23

Part 2
Stump the Boss Lady

Play yourself - Click Here let us know how you did!
#QualityMatters Podcast Episode 24

Part 3
It Starts at the Top

Top Down Management Culture cannot be over emphasized
Podcasting Episode 25

Part 4
Planning & Checking

"Quality is documenting what you do, and then doing it repeatedly" - Kyle Chambers
Podcast Episode 26 

Part 5
Support Processes

Document Control, Training, Suppliers and more
#QualityMatters Podcast Episode 27

Part 6
Design & Development

Its best to view the Design Process as a miniature management system

Part 7
Sales & Contract Review

Lets face it customer requirements and satisfaction at the front end back end of your QMS.  Sales Matters